Trade Show Season In FULL SWING!!

Trade Show Season In FULL SWING!!

Hi OLC fans!! Hope everyone is having a successful hardwater season! We wanted to check in to share we are right smack in the middle of our trade show schedule and are looking forward to continuing to bring THE BEST-LOOKING performance gear on the market to the upcoming shows!! The response has been AMAZING so far and we are so thankful for all of you. This show season we've unveiled so many new things that have been in the works this past year and the excitement is off the charts! We now have a lineup of youth hoodies and it's so great seeing the kids in our gear. They love it! We also are releasing TWO new designs at the shows which aren't even on the website yet! We just wrapped up the Wisconsin Fishing Expo in Madison and the new designs were a HUGE success. Next up is the Dakota swing, heading to Fargo and Sioux Falls and we anticipate the response for our new designs are going to be CRAZY!! The new designs should be up on the website soon for purchase so keep checking back!! No, we aren't going to tell you what they are just yet... head out to one of the shows to get your chance to see them and purchase before anyone else!!! Ok, ok... if you head over to the Facebook page (and like it if you haven't already!) you might get a sneak peek at one of them! Alright, off to the Dakotas!! Thank you for your conitnued support of OLC!! 

Feb 28th 2022

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