Our Story


Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide anglers around the world with performance fishing apparel that continues to fuel the passion we all share. With so many fishing shirts out there, we wanted to do something unique – couple amazing artwork (hand drawn no less!) with exemplary design. Working with local artists and our graphic design team, we create a unique blend of jaw dropping performance gear options that are functional as well as stylish. We are two families that love to spend time on the water and find our inspiration through experiences and adventure. 

Vision for ONE LAST CAST

At One Last Cast, we will strive to provide you with the highest quality gear combined with fiercely designed details that fall second to none. With our family values never out of reach, our customer service will always be at the forefront of the business to provide you, your team, or your lodge with an exceptional experience and “ease of mind” transaction.

Meet the Team

Adventure to Business Venture

Clifford and Carrie Hentz, and Brett and Joy Jackson met at the University of Wisconsin-STOUT and built their friendship as couples after graduation, taking many trips together. Whether battling tuna in the Gulf of Mexico, reeling in walleyes in Ontario, or casting for panfish in northern Wisconsin, they are true outdoor enthusiasts that value family and friendship. One of their most memorable tales is from a 2015 trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada while fishing out of freighter canoes. Temperatures dropped and their fishing guide offered Brett a FISHBUM waterproof jacket. The detailed artwork on the jacket was unlike anything they had seen. One kind gesture unknowing changed the future for the Jacksons and the Hentz's.

When FISHBUM went of out business, Clifford contacted the prior owner to find out why. After several calls and a flight to Canada to meet him, the couples purchased FISHBUM and the detailed artwork. One Last Cast Gear was born.

Since 2018, over 40 new options have been designed and launched while the focus remains the same. Appeal to anglers, collaborate with talented artists, and never compromise on quality.


a little bit about us...





Background: Clifford was practically born on the waters of Lake Michigan. He was fishing with his parents at 2 weeks old aboard their 21' Boston Whaler named "The Fin" in his car seat while his Mom and Dad reeled in salmon and trout. It was always a family affair in any Hentz fishing adventure to get out and enjoy the water while being able to bring home a fresh catch of fish. 

Top Fishing Memory: Heading South out of Venice, Louisiana down the Mighty Mississippi River and out to the Great Gulf of Mexico fishing grounds. This is where you can hear me yelling FISH ON after the fight starts with a tuna peeling out line from the reel as I struggle to bring 'em to the surface. After fighting a few of these tunas you will realize the strength and power that these fish have for their size. It is always an adventure fishing in this water as you never know what might be pulling on the end of your line from down deep. FISH ON!





Background: Childhood for Carrie meant travel and the great outdoors. Her favorite memories include ice skating under the lights all winter long, riding her bike from sunup to sundown, and fishing for the coveted monster crappies on the Chain of Lakes in Chetek, WI. She would fall asleep to the image of her bobber being submerged under the water. Fun fact: Carrie has a tattoo of a yellow-bellied Bluegill!

Top Fishing Memory: Picture this. A solid 45-minutes of heart pounding excitement as I reeled in an estimated 5-foot Mahi Mahi off the coast of Marathon, Florida. It would have been the biggest, most powerful fish I had ever caught up to that point. Needless to say, Clifford pulled some sort of ballerina move as he made an attempt to gaff the fish. He missed. Fish was gone. Yup, still married..for better or worse!





Background: My earliest fishing memories involved sitting on the dock at "Grandpa and Grandma's" lake catching fish with the jiggle stick. I was extremely lucky to have both my Grandpa's as well as my dad teach me how to fish. I grew up fishing and hunting at a very young age. Grandpa Dale would show me the art of catching fish with a cane pole and Grandpa Harold would take me on yearly fishing trips to different northern Minnesota lakes. In my teen years my parents moved to Reeds Lake which allowed me to reel in many giant bass, with a few crappies and pike mixed in, on a regular basis. I've also been lucky enough to enjoy some of the best fishing on almost a yearly basis since I was young on our trips to Minaki, Ontario.

Top Fishing Memory: Speaking of Minaki, Ontario, it's one of our regular fishing trips that I absolutely love. The scenery alone can be enough even without catching fish. On one of our more recent trips I was lucky enough to hit the holy grail for walleye fishing. Fishing one of our favorite small rock ledges we call “Elephants Trunk" is where I reeled in the 30-inch Walleye! As my brother netted the monster our eyes got large and as we got it out of the net and laid it on the ruler it was a moment I'll never forget! To have my brother and dad with me in the boat made it all the more special.






Background: Joy learned fishing at a very early age as her father was on the Pro Walleye tour and was listed as a one of the top fisherman in MN. Growing up, weekends were spent at fishing tournaments watching her Dad weigh in his catch or up North at their cabin fishing for Musky and Walleye. Joy also enjoys fishing big bass at her in-laws house and a yearly trip to Minaki, Ontario Walleye fishing.

Top fishing Memory: Fishing rainbow and brook trout out of freighter canoes on Maligne Lake near Jasper in Alberta, Canada. The glacier fed lake provides the most breath taking views and we caught a ton of fish what an experience! One plus, Brett and I out fished Carrie and Clifford! That ALWAYS makes for a better day!




Background: Natalie is a freelance illustrator based out of Alliston, Ontario Canada. With a background in Medical Art and a great love of the outdoors most of her work revolves around anatomy and wildlife. Her highly detailed pieces often incorporate a bit of an edgy attitude and has gained her a great deal of work in the fish and wildlife sector, particularly illustrating and designing for apparel and branding.